Basic Network Solution

Generally implemented in cases where enhanced communications coverage for a small area is required… Learn More

Full Scale Network Solutions

In-Building DAS and Small Cell (Outdoor DAS)

Generally covers a broader area – a full building or campus of buildings.

Full-Scale communications network solutions enable Advanced Campus Mobility Solutions. Learn More

We assist with the interaction and relationship between the Service Providers and the End-Users (Enterprise, Government and Military)

Service Providers

  • We assist Service Providers with Customer interaction and business relationships for coverage requirements, capability needs, the DAS processes involved, campus assessment and project management.

Enterprise, Government, Military

  • We educate the End-User Client with the various Service Provider and DAS solution options available and how they will impact costs and wireless capabilities.  We will act as the Owner’s Representative in  interacting with the Service Providers on coverage requirements, capability needs, the DAS processes, campus assessment, contract negotiations and installation, turn-up and testing Quality Control.


  • Health Care – Hospitals / Medical Centers / Veterinary Hospitals
  • Manufacturing Plants – Auto, Semiconductor chip, Beverage
  • Large office buildings
  • Large company campus’
  • Hospitality – Major Hotels, Casino / Hotels, Resorts, Convention Centers
  • University campus’
  • Utilities / Power Plants – Nuclear, Fossil, Hydro
  • Amusement Parks


  • Federal – DOE, Security Agencies
  • State – Government buildings, Emergency Response, Interoperability
  • Local – Jails, Courthouses, City / County buildings, Emergency Response, Interoperability
  • Sovereign Nation – Native lands, facilities and business


  • Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force – Bases, Ranges, Test facilities
  • DOD Manufacturers