Service Providers

  • Network Growth
  • Network Integration
  • Engineering, Site Surveys, Inspections, Testing
  • Design and Construction oversight of Critical facilities
  • Network and Network Componet Decommissioning

Telecommunications Carriers (Wireless and Fiber)

  • Network Growth
  • Network Integration
  • Engineering
  • Site Surveys, Inspections, Testing
  • Design and Construction oversight of Critical facilities
  • Network and Network Componet Decommissioning

Implementation companies

  • Supporting Transport and Inside Plant Site Surveys, Equipment installations, Inspections, Testing

Critical Facilities Owners

  • If you currently have facilities and need to expand or upgrade existing facilities
  • If you are looking to design and build a new facility
  • Data Centers and Colocation facilities
  • Communications Switching / Central Office facilities (CO, MSC, MTSO, Switch)
  • Government and Military secure facilities

Construction companies

  • Supporting critical facility builds
  • Supporting Fiber OSP Engineering, Inspection and Testing

A&E firms

  • Supporting critical facility designs


  • Health Care – Hospitals / Medical Centers / Veterinary Hospitals
  • Manufacturing Plants – Auto, Semiconductor chip, Beverage
  • Large office buildings
  • Large company campus’
  • Hospitality – Major Hotels, Casino / Hotels, Resorts, Convention Centers
  • University campus’
  • Utilities / Power Plants – Nuclear, Fossil, Hydro
  • Amusement Parks


  • Federal – DOE, Security Agencies
  • Military
  • State – Government buildings, Emergency Response, Interoperability
  • Local – Jails, Courthouses, City / County buildings, Emergency Response, Interoperability
  • Sovereign Nation – Native lands, facilities and business

Technical Recruiting

  • Clients that need help recruiting highly technical and other hard to find personnel